Other road users


Cheshire motorists are generally considerate of cyclists, so please return the compliment by being considerate too, especially at busy times and on narrow lanes. We may have all day, but not everyone else is so lucky. Although it’s our right to ride two abreast, it’s easy enough to cycle in single file to avoid holding people up. And those milk tanker drivers have a lot of farms to visit, so consider pulling in to let them get by. It’s more relaxing than having them breathing down your neck too.

The lanes, bridleways and tracks are also popular with horseriders who are unlikely to hear your approach, so a shouted ‘Good morning/afternoon.’ or ‘Bike coming up!’ in advance is a much appreciated warning. Horses are unpredictable creatures, so it’s best not to sidle past them, but give them a wide berth once the rider has acknowledged you and waved you by.

Walkers with their chatter and rustly waterproofs are also unlikely to hear you (or they could be hard of hearing) so a similar warning avoids giving them a shock as you whizz by, and reduces the risk of them stepping out in front of you at the last minute (although the same can’t be said of accompanying dogs and children!).

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