Updated 9th August 2013

The route uses quiet lanes wherever possible, but inevitably you have to cross main roads. Some are busy all the time, but as in the rest of the UK, the peak traffic is when people are going to and from work, and when parents are taking their children to and from school. So expect 8-9am and 3.30pm onwards to be busy.

The main road crossings are obvious from the maps, road signs and the evidence in front of your eyes – you might want to dismount to cross them, especially if you have youngsters with you.

Additionally the route takes in some main roads, mostly in towns where the traffic is slow, but one that is a bit more intimidating is the A34 south of Congleton. Traffic moves fast along here, with central bollards that reduce overtaking space, so nervous cyclists might like to use the pavement. It’s quite a narrow strip in a wide verge, but rarely used by pedestrians, so pushing your bike along here is unlikely to inconvenience anyone. Turning right across this road can also be hair-raising during busy periods, so it’s prudent to dismount and wait for the right moment here.

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