Background to route 70, its guide, and us

Cover of the Cheshire Cycleway book
Our book, based on the original route, is now out of print.

The Cheshire Cycleway route was devised by Bob Clift (a member of Chester and North Wales
CTC group
) and other local cyclists, and initiated by the county council to encourage residents to enjoy the countryside. Not surprisingly for a council initiative, it takes in various tourist attractions, but also provides miles of mainly quiet roads.

With our guidebook out of print, and the route changed and lengthened, the Internet seemed the obvious place for our second guide, so we can keep it updated with the latest route changes, facilities, opening times and so on.

You may also be interested in the local CTC group’s (Chester and North Wales) annual Bob Clift Memorial Ride along part of his route. It is run in June and you need to book. Here’s their 2016 ride report, 2015 ride report, their 2014 report that gives some information about Bob Clift, and this CTC group’s current blog with information about subsequent rides.

Our bikes

Copyright (c) Alec Scaresbrook Our New World Tourist folders made by Bike Friday
Copyright (c) Alec Scaresbrook
Our New World Tourist folders made by Bike Friday

We first cycled the route on our large-wheeled tourers (a Holdsworth and a Falcon), but by the time of this web guide we’d forsaken these, and our car, for small-wheeled touring bikes that are fun to ride, fold for the train, carry loads, and leave small boys open-mouthed and green with envy as we whizz past…

…and their versatility has helped us to move closer to being a carbon-neutral household and business.

Our other sites are: Congleton Cycling and Gardening Masterclass

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