The links here are to more general cycling-related topics that are not specific to Cheshire or its Cycleway.  Hence sidetracking. The links below are also in the left-hand menu.

How-to and buyers’ guides:

Guide to cycle maintenance: How to mend a puncture, look after the chain, set up the brakes, and generally keep your bike in good, safe running order to prolong its life, and yours.

Buyers’ guide to cycle types, cycle size, and accessoriesHow to choose which type of bicycle to buy, get the right size for a good fit, and choose cycle accessories.

Buyer’s guide to cyclewearA guide to buying clothing and other items for outdoor activities, including cycling clothes, shoes, eyewear and helmets.

Guide to (how to have) holidays on your bike:
1. What makes a good cycling holiday?
2. Package holidays
3. Independent travel to your destination
4. Completely independent holidays
5. Before you go – checklist
6. Take a camera
and see Review of the compact Panasonic Lumix DMC-LX3 camera

Guide to camping equipment: The equipment you need for cycle camping, plus a personal check list.

Bicycle security and insurance:

Bicycle securityReducing the risks of bike theft – a few tips.

Bicycle & cycling insurance review and comparisonInsuring bikes for theft and damage; insuring yourself for accident and liability. Everyday, competitive and holiday cycling in the UK and abroad.

Your bicycle’s description – checklistUse this to record your bike details, giving you a full and accurate description in case you have to report its theft to the police, or put in an insurance claim for theft or damage.

Finding cycling companions:

Meeting other cyclistsHow to find like-minded people for cycling companionship on day rides or cycle holidays, or for romance.

Health and cycling:

Eat and lose weight easilyHow cycling can help you lose weight.

Cycle to live – the factsWhere do all those cycling facts come from that are mentioned in the media? Are they really facts?

Drawing cycle routes and other lines on Google maps:

Drawing cycle routes How to draw the lines, and how to put them on WordPress website.

An online guide to cycling in Cheshire, and further afield