Not just scenery

Shutlingsloe, Cheshire's Matterhorn
© Alec Scaresbrook
Shutlingsloe, Cheshire’s Matterhorn, seen from the Cheshire Cycleway (but only accessible on foot)

If scenery is not enough, then Cheshire offers other interests as you cycle through, and other activities if you want to abandon the bike for a while.

Into bird-watching? Make sure you take in some of the meres and flashes (where salt-mined ground has subsided and flooded).

Astronomy? Home in on Jodrell Bank’s famous radio dish, and the little observatory in Newchapel, just over the border in Staffordshire.

Aircraft? Find the viewing park by Manchester Airport.

Church at Marton
© Alec Scaresbrook
The ancient church at Marton

Historic buildings and glorious gardens? Arm yourself with tourist office information on publicly and privately owned properties, including those taking part in the fund-raising National Gardens Scheme.

Peckforton Hills, Alderley Edge escarpment, Delamere Forest, western hills of the Peak District…

Roman antiquities in Chester, salt extraction, cotton and silk mills, waterway wonders (including the Anderton Boat Lift)…

Chester is the place, plus numerous arts and crafts outlets and galleries around the county.

Have a look at our Cheshire Cycleway map and choose an option from the left-hand drop-down menu to view places of note, on and off the route.

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