Train assistance

Plenty of railway stations across the county provide opportunities for short cuts, in addition to access to and from other parts of the country, although the services aren’t always as frequent outside commuter times as we’d like.

Outside peak hours, putting bikes on trains is usually no problem – a smile always helps here.

Look at our Cheshire Cycleway map and select ‘Railway stations’ in the Services section in the left-hand scroll-down menu – this will reveal the location of stations on the map and in a list on the right.

Find train and fare details here (NB if you have switched off Javascript, you will have to switch it on to view this):

Timetables are available locally from railway stations, tourist information centres, libraries and also from National Rail or Google maps public transport journey planner option (but Google sometimes uses outdated times/services). A further option on Google maps is cycle journey planning.

Cheshire by Train also has lots of info arranged by line and by station. Once you choose a station, there’s info on busses too.

To speak to someone who knows Cheshire and its transport, call Cheshire Traveline on 0871 200 22 33 (calls from landlines cost 10p per minute), 8.00-20.00, 7 days per week.

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