Guide to cycle maintenance

Last updated Nov 2020

How to maintain your bike

Maintenance is vital for safety, reliability and lengthening the life of your bike

Some bicycle maintenance is simple, and once you know how to do it, you’ll save time and money. From pumping up your tyres to servicing your brakes, make cycle maintenance part of your weekly routine.

There are plenty of books and YouTube videos on cycle maintenance. There are also instructions on cycle retailer’s websites, so instead of us writing yet another set, look at Halford’s Advice Centre and then scroll down to find the articles. Or use the following links to specific pages:

How to repair a puncture – Halfords tells you how to fix this most annoying of bike problems.

How to check and maintain tyre pressures – keep those tyres pumped up. Halfords tells you how.

How to clean your bike – important information from Halfords about how to clean a bike without damaging it. If you neglect to clean your bike, it will be more difficult to maintain, and the dirt will hide problems.

How to maintain bike chains – Halfords’ tips on cleaning and lubricating your chain for easy pedalling.

How to fit a bike chain – Halfords’ tips on fitting a chain, which might need to do if you remove one for cleaning. You should certainly replace your chain regularly too.

How to adjust and maintain bike brakes and cables – more tips from Halfords. It’s important that you (and your child) can stop – much better than relying on shoe leather.

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