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Website updated 29th Jan 2014

No doubt about it, if we didn’t already live here, we’d be returning time and time again for our cycling holidays. That’s why we’ve developed this web site, to spread the word….

Cheshire’s got the lot for cycling holidaymakers - flat routes for eating up the miles, exhilarating hills for the energetic, tarmac, tracks and tow-paths, quiet lanes and bustling market towns, and a calendar’s-worth of scenery, from woods and pasture to miles of moor.

And in our south-east corner, we’re nicely in reach of parts of Derbyshire, Staffordshire and shropshire too, by bike or with train assistance.

All in all, an attractive place to reduce your carbon footprint for routine journeys or recreation. Touring holidays, short breaks, weekends or half a day. Just Cycle Cheshire.

What’s so special?

02-03-94-00The sheer number of backroads is astonishing, giving rise to plenty of permutations for cycle rides in quite small areas. Coupled with rougher tracks and bridleways, plus canal tow-paths and various sections of disused railway track, there are plenty of places for a bike ride.

The variety of terrain and the number of routes means that anyone of any ability can enjoy cycling here. It’s just a case of choosing an appropriate area and mapping a route before settling into a pace that enables you to enjoy the scenery. So beat the credit crunch with a cycle outing – the only cost is calories.

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Latest cycling news:

Thanks to Cllr Troy Tester (Lib Dem) for supporting #space4cycling in Eastbourne. You can challenge you Cllr too

Thanks Cllr Ian Marrey (Labour) for supporting #space4cycling in Dudley. You can challenge your Cllr too,

Thanks Cllr Rob Telford (Green Party) for supporting #space4cycling. You can challenge your Cllr too

Well said @Stanmick: @DavidStead8 Terribly cynical David, cando means just that. What do you want to see for cyclists?"

Video:TfL apologises to cyclist after bus driver caught on #helmetcam calling him a “knob” after close pass |

Video:White van man loses job & convicted of assault after #roadrage incident caught on cyclist's helmet cam

@Laidbackcyclist It's not that we're surprised (although that's a sad state of affairs), we're just publicising it.

@SustransNE well spotted, no idea owner wasn't about apparently he's a regular at cafe and leaves it occasionally. #bikefriendlycafe

Thanks for the support @SustransNW Space for Cycling campaign from CTC…

CTC has its AGM, rides & events in Glasgow on 10 - 11 May: Open to CTC members; hope to see you there!

We’re looking for #volunteer marshalls @OrbitalFestival on 26/27 July , accommodation, meals and expenses covered.

Good to be a member of @CTC_Cyclists and have them fighting your corner. Retweeted by CTC

Spotted in the cafe where we are having our #roadjustice meeting

@DavidStead8 @CTC_Cyclists We are working @RiponCityPlan to make Ripon a safe cycling city, but keep up the pressure on NYCC councillors Retweeted by CTC

Met police #exchangingplaces event outside Waterloo station now. Obvs expecting lots of ppl by the number of officers

Gvt finds £36bn mostly fr roads, & still no £10ph fr cycling #Space4Cycling = #Funding4Cycling

I've just written to my council to demand #space4cycling via @CTC_Cyclists You can too at… Retweeted by CTC