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No doubt about it, if we didn’t already live here, we’d be returning time and time again for our cycling holidays. That’s why we’ve developed this web site, to spread the word….

Cheshire’s got the lot for cycling holidaymakers - flat routes for eating up the miles, exhilarating hills for the energetic, tarmac, tracks and tow-paths, quiet lanes and bustling market towns, and a calendar’s-worth of scenery, from woods and pasture to miles of moor.

And in our south-east corner, we’re nicely in reach of parts of Derbyshire, Staffordshire and shropshire too, by bike or with train assistance.

All in all, an attractive place to reduce your carbon footprint for routine journeys or recreation. Touring holidays, short breaks, weekends or half a day. Just Cycle Cheshire.

What’s so special?

02-03-94-00The sheer number of backroads is astonishing, giving rise to plenty of permutations for cycle rides in quite small areas. Coupled with rougher tracks and bridleways, plus canal tow-paths and various sections of disused railway track, there are plenty of places for a bike ride.

The variety of terrain and the number of routes means that anyone of any ability can enjoy cycling here. It’s just a case of choosing an appropriate area and mapping a route before settling into a pace that enables you to enjoy the scenery. So beat the credit crunch with a cycle outing – the only cost is calories.

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@CityCycling PS See CTC's recent campaigns briefing on driver awareness campaigns…. Clear that we'd not support now.

@CityCycling 1) We cldn't stop campaign. 2) Flack from ppl thinking we'd 'supported' it did do harm, but less than intra-org rows: seriously

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@CityCycling Possible but doubtful. Ads made, air-time paid for, £ spent. CTC wld have dodged flack but caused other more damaging arguments

@CityCycling We didn't dispute this as it wld have done more harm than good. Esp in hindsight, having since had to defend N'way against ASA!