Additional routes

Routes linking to Cheshire Cycleway
Other routes in Cheshire and elsewhere (also see Cheshire Cycleway route and facilities map for various off-road, traffic-free circuits,  shortcuts, and National Cycle Route 45).

 Linking routes to the Cheshire Cycleway:

Manchester Airport Orbital Cycle Route Not just the cycleway path around Manchester Airport, but cycle route links to Terminals 1, 2 and 3, the Airport’s railway and bus station, the Aviation Viewing Park, and the Cheshire Cycleway (route 70).

Cycle Route between Macclesfield Railway Station and the Cheshire Cycleway Our suggested route for cycling (mainly off-road) between Macclesfield railway station and the Cheshire Cycleway (route 70) near Bollington. Station facilities and route description.

Cycling from Congleton Railway Station to the Cheshire Cycleway Our suggested route for bikes between Congleton railway station and the Cheshire Cycleway (route 70) at Astbury. Station facilities and route description.

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 Other routes in Cheshire and elsewhere:

Our page with the Cheshire Cycleway route and facilities map also has details of a variety of off-road, traffic-free circuits and shortcuts in the county, and National Cycle Route 45.

This website (not ours): GPS cycle routes in Cheshire and across the UK has loads of GPS mapped routes for viewing and downloading, and you are welcome to upload yours too. An easy-to-use, uncluttered site that gives you the info you need, simply. If you’re not already equipped for GPS cycling, take a look at various online suppliers of Garmin and other brands, including Cyclestore, Evans Cycles, Hargroves Cycles, Ribble Cycles, Rutland Cycling, and Tweeks Cycles.

Also look at the Directory of official council cycle maps on the web. This site (not ours) is organised by country (England, N. Ireland, Scotland, Wales) and county to show what’s available to view or download. Not sure how often it’s updated.

Cheshire East also lists some cycle routes with downloadable maps- some quite old, so check the date of the mapping.

You can also study Sustrans’ online map, zooming in to Cheshire for more detail.

For a printed map giving an overview of major routes in the UK, and showing how those in Cheshire link with further afield, you could also consult The Ultimate UK Cycle Route Planner.

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